Cocktail Party

14 May 2019
18:00 - 19:00
Exit 33

Cocktail Party

Ticketed Event

Join us for an hour of refreshments and displays of culinary expertise.
Entertainment provided by Silver Arrow’s Band Duo

Artisanal Meats and Cheese
12mo-24mo-36mo Prosciutto
6mo-12mo-36mo Cheddar
Assortment of aged sourdoughs

Japanese Technical Skill Display: Omakase
DIY Toro Tartare
Snapper Mushroom Hot Broth
Honey Crisp Sweet Potato
Crispy Razor Clam
Yellowtail Prosciutto

Charred Mushroom Display
Grilled flat breads with Garlic Oil
Yakitori Charred
Plancha Seared Mushroom
Mushroom Bacon

Fermented Crudite and Fruit Display
Assortment of fermented fruits and vegetables
Homemade Bitters

Composed Chef Passed Hors
TS Steakhouse’s Potato Blini with Caviar
Wildflowers’ Polenta Stuffed Lamb
Food Hall’s Waygu Beef Tataki
Banquet’s Keilbasa with Lacto Lingonberry Mustard
Banquet’s Coconut Oyster Shooter