Food Show Survival Guide

Food Show Survival Guide

Exit Stations
When you are done ordering at the show proceed to the Exit Stations located in the Event Center Lobby. Enter your ID#, located at the top right on your name badge.

You will have the option of either printing your Exit Report OR having it sent directly to your email for printing later. Your Maines Account Manager has already entered your email address into the system. Please review it for accuracy and correct it if needed. Select either the print or email option. Regarding the report, the first page will be a summary showing total dollars earned and the following pages will be a copy of your show order.

Before The Show
Your Maines Account Manager will deliver your Food Show materials to you. Please remember to bring your name badge with you to the Show.

Arriving At The Show
You will need to have your bar-coded name badge to enter the show. If you do not have a name badge please visit Registration. Your Maines Account Manager will be notified that you have arrived at the show as you enter the show floor.

During The Show
Simply enter your ID#, located at the top right on your name badge on the touch screen monitor located in each vendor booth.

*Remember only guests designated as BUYERS will have the ability to order. If you need to order and cannot do so after entering your ID# please visit Registration to get designated as a BUYER.

At any time during the show, use your ID# at touchscreens to view and/or edit your orders for that vendor. For help, you can always page your Maines Account Manager during the Show. Maines credits will automatically be added electronically to your account through your ID#.

At the Show, items on the ordering screen will be highlighted in specific colors:

  • Maines Signature Brands Items – Yellow
  • Target Items – Light Green
  • Normal Show Items – Teal
  • New Items – Blue

After The Show
When you are done ordering, head to the Exit Stations located in the Event Center lobby. Enter your ID# and choose to either receive a print out of your Exit Report or have it emailed to you.