Tips for a Great Food Show

Follow these Food Show tips to make the most out of the 2017 Maines Food Show!

Tips for a Great Food Show

Follow Your Instincts
Yes, of course, it’s a good to visit vendors you currently work with to discuss new tips and gain more product information; just remember that it’s also important to explore new foods that catch your attention. With hundreds of vendor booths to visit at this year’s show, don’t stick to a strict schedule, allow yourself to wander and see what’s new and upcoming.

Work the Room
You will be surrounded by hundreds of restaurant owners like yourself, meaning that there is no better time to network than at the food show! Talk to other guests about their restaurant – you’ll learn a lot. Some questions to ask could possibly include; What marketing strategies have you tried? What has worked for you in the past? Are certain promotions drawing in more customers? What trends do you see coming this year?

Take Notes!
There will be well-known speakers sharing inside marketing, motivation, and successful business strategies with you at the Food Show. Take advantage of the presentation you’re about to see by jotting down notes filled with things that caught your attention, tips you may want to try, strategies you could see yourself implementing and so much more. By taking notes when listening to the speakers, you will leave the Food Show eager to get back to your restaurant to make some necessary improvements.

Look Ahead
Get a head-start by placing orders for the upcoming months at the show. Your restaurant will benefit from extra discounts and earn Maines credit to redeem for great Business Builder programs and much more!