Chef Demo Schedule

Day 1
14 May 2019

Simple & Easy Plate Presentations

Chef Shawn will be presenting “Simple & Easy” plate presentations. This will include menu ideas to appeal to today’s chefs and institutions facing modern day staffing issues. There will be an emphasis on value-add portion control with both meat and seafood, allowing chefs more time to spend on dish creation.
Shawn Doyle

Brisket Demo

Learn about Texas Barbecue from pit master Chef John Slotts. Including barbecue mise en place preparation, a detailed look at brisket, trimming, carving, and a display of barbecue sauces. Tasting to follow.
John Slotts

Fresh Ricotta Gnocchi and Seafood Demo

Maines Corporate Chef Jonathon Merrick, CEC, will be making fresh Ricotta gnocchi sautéed with shrimp and crab in a champagne sauce
Jonathon Merrick