2020 Food Show Theme

Conscientious evaluation and consistent, compelling updates to your menu are the foundation of a successful restaurant. Concepts we’ve discussed over the years – basics done better, preservation of heritage, tradition, culture, and management by menu – all contribute to this year’s overarching narrative: reimagining classic continental cuisine for today’s contemporary consumers. In 2020, we challenge you – no matter what type of establishment you operate – to transform continental delicacies brought to the U.S. from European countries into modern interpretations that provoke nostalgia and preserve the rich history of a bygone era. Enhance customer experiences by breaking away from the predefined menu categories of “Appetizers,” “Salads,” and “Entrees,” and restyle your menu from descriptive to experiential, changing your language to set the stage for a memorable meal with sensory sections like “Chilled” and “Crispy.” Use the dishes & new products featured at the Food Show to redefine your menu with trending social, responsible, and innovative approaches. Embrace modern menu evolution, ignite passion in your chefs, strengthen your brand story, increase profitability, and allow your customers to experience classic continental cuisine like never before.